So You Think You Are Courageous?

Courage camp end of day.JPG

by Simona Ralph


You acknowledge your vulnerability, and are willing to share it with people you've just met.

You accept your limitations, and practice to overcome them every day.

You feel raw pain and you choose not to ignore it. Instead, you put it all in one sentence and set it free with your tears.

You affirm you don't love yourself, but make small steps in becoming friends.

You admit you're still trying to find your way, and that is OK.

You only let your passion guide you, even if you know you'll loose some on the way.

You turn your ugly scar into a medal of honour, and expose it as a reminder of beautiful things to come.

You say you lost yourself somewhere on the way, but that there are songs waiting to be sung.

You learn to tango and you're willing to follow, when all you know is wanting to lead.

You are numb from your losses but let the music bring you alive. You dance, just dance like wild.

You could rest and watch the misty waters; instead, you let the foghorn guide you. You set sail again, like first time.