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2017 Takeaways

Before Courage Camp I would have missed out on a lot during a recent company event because of my fear of not being perfect. Instead I had fun, enjoyed the moment, accepted the glitches and had self-confidence. Those 2 days at Courage Camp were a new beginning for me. I’m alive and fired up for positive, joyful and fun experiences.
— Agnes Hardy Boyer

It is often in the company of strangers that we find our own voice. We hear someone’s story and clarify our own. Witnessing someone’s courage in telling their story, we find courage to tell our own. Collectively we find strength. We connect with something greater than ourselves. And we become greater individual versions of who we are.
— Deb Walsh

Courage is not something outside of us. It is there. It isn’t a skill. It is us.

From this understanding, our journey becomes pretty exciting. To become a (more) courageous leader, no need to be a superhero! (phew!). We just need to be more ourselves and show it more often; be more generous of us. In a way, we need to become a fullest version of ourselves.
— Celine Schillinger

At Courage Camp I’d returned to something: some original potential, some belief in possibility, some stepping into and occupying the full space of the present.

Courage Camp taught me I didn’t have to hide anymore.

I am original.

I am restored.

I am brimming with Hope.
— Jillian Reily

We went “courage spotting” for examples where we’ve demonstrated courage. We were all struck by one another’s stories. Challenging the CEO as a young associate. Taking the stick away from a parent who beat. Learning the tango. Playing jump rope with the girls instead of kickball with the boys. Painful memories, proud moments, pivotal and illuminating.
— Janet Swaysland

When my authentic self and social self are out of whack, things get pretty weird and I can feel like a fraud. I don’t want to feel like a fraud.

However, now that I’ve identified what courage is for me, I’m noticing which voice I’m listening to much more quickly. I think simply noticing is a great first step.
— Lisa Lillibridge

Session A: June 13 - 14, Mt. Hope Farm, Bristol, RI

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Courage Camp Europe (Avignon, France) June 30 - July1

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Courage Camp B: Aug. 8-9, Mt. Hope Farm, Bristol. RI

Eventbrite - Courage Camp 2018: Session B

Here are some favorite photos from Courage Camp 2017, a magical, empowering experience with extraordinary people. After intense work all day, we're dancing at the water's edge, reveling in the setting sun, honoring our courageous souls, and celebrating the gift of being with people who are changing the world

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